Luke Smith

Musician, Artist, Arranger, Producer & Teacher


For over 25 years Luke has been delivering a musical experience that touches every generation regardless of background or culture; allowing them to embrace hope, joy, inspiration, emotional and spiritual uplifting. All of this was birthed out of a gospel heritage in the metropolitan city of Manchester, England. Luke is one of the best international session/recording musicians to come out of the UK in the last 20 years. He is a well respected and sought after keyboardist and is among some of the best in the business.


As a musician and artist Luke Smith stands out as an extraordinary example of musical excellence which has excelled him in his career. With a distinct sound and an ability to add the wow factor to any production Luke is definitely in a league of his own.


Being an exceptional musician Luke has taken his gift and input the same passion and excellence into a number of production projects for both established and upcoming artists.


With a wealth of experience in all things music Luke has provided master classes all around the world to established artists and musicians but also has the skill to pass on these talents to those who are less established but looking to excel in their art.

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